As part of our ethos we believe in improvement in overall athletic development. 

Overall athletic development is improved by sampling a range of sports. Whilst we most definitely encourage this, this also includes sampling a variety of different disciplines within a sport.  Whilst improving overall athletic development will help individuals who are looking to excel in their chosen sport it also supports individuals to have the foundations of a healthy lifestyle for life.

As part of this we support and run a number of activities throughout in addition to snowsports.

This includes regular opportunities:

Mountain Biking

Fitness & Physical Preparation

Nordic/Roller Skiing



We offer regular Fitness & Physical Preparation sessions often as part of our Ski Coaching blocks in the autumn.


For those in school years P7+ who are focussed and keen to progress in their racing and freestyle, or just want to improve their overall athletic capabilities, we also recommend taking part in Movement Evolutions Sports Performers Sessions which take place regularly throughout the School Term. To find out more about these sessions visit Movement Evolution Scotland CIC's website

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