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. Retype the search term again and go to the next set of results. Zoom out to see more results. Zoom in to see more results. A longitudinal study of bowel symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome: frequency and correlates of symptoms in a community sample. The prevalence of bowel symptoms among patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) has been examined in a small number of cross-sectional studies, which suggest that they are common. The present longitudinal study examined frequency, and the frequency of symptoms in relation to presence of antecedent CFS, anxiety and depression among 500 adults in the community. There were no differences in the frequency of bowel symptoms between participants with and without antecedent CFS. There was a trend for reduced bowel symptoms among those with antecedent CFS, who had more anxiety and depression, but the reduction was not statistically significant. Frequency of bowel symptoms was not related to the presence of antecedent CFS, the level of anxiety and depression, or other lifestyle factors. The findings do not support an association between bowel symptoms and CFS and suggest that bowel symptoms are not a marker for CFS.Study of bacteriophage T4 tailspike structure by solid-state NMR. The structural studies of the tailspike of bacteriophage T4 has been carried out by solid-state NMR spectroscopy using 13C and 15N labelled bacteriophage T4 tailspike. Several solid-state NMR spectra of the tailspike were recorded using various combinations of magic-angle spinning and/or mixing in isotropic and non-isotropic medium. Assignment of 15N and 13C labelled peaks has been carried out using heteronuclear spin-correlated spectroscopy and two-dimensional experiments. Molecular-rotational correlation and cross-correlation spectra of 13C and 15N labelled bacteriophage tailspike in H2O and D2O solutions were also recorded for the orientation specific assignments.Olanzapine and clozapine alter the striatal responses to antipsychotics and dopamine agonists. We examined the effect of olanzapine (OZA) and clozapine (CLZ) on the blockade by dopamine (DA) receptor agonists of [3H]spiperone binding in rat striatum. The effects of OZA and CLZ were also examined on the striatal DA transporter (DAT) and on [3H]flunit





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