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Lecht Programme


Running every Saturday from 09:00-15:00 this is our main training session each week with all members encouraged to attend. Adhering to our Trainee Development Plan (link here) these sessions will look to develop our junior members following our "All of the Mountain" ethos. 

Sessions will run from January until March 202q in addition to the Mid-Term Break in February.

There will be two block payment options as well as Pay As You Go options


Where snow or weather conditions don't allow training to run at the Lecht, alternative training will be offered at Alford Ski Centre.

Winter Blocks

Every Saturday as either

Block A: TBC
Block B: TBC

Price £99 - £16.50 per session, you can miss 2 sessions out of 6 and still be better off than purchasing each session on a pay-as-you-go basis! This is a great option to save you remembering to book each week.

*Sessions are not interchangeable between Block A and B

Block A TBC

Block B TBC

Lecht Pay-as-you-go

Book pay-as-you go sessions on our Lecht Core Programme by clicking the green button below. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

Bookings close at 7pm on a Thursday evening before.

Price for PAYG £22.50 per person per session and do not include equipment or lift passes.


February Mid-Term Camp

We will be offering our hugely popular Mid-Term Camp over the regional School Holidays in February 2021. A great opportunity to get consecutive days on snow, in Scotland, this is the most reliable time of year for snow! 


Glenshee Programme


Our Glenshee Programme available over a range of Sunday's through the season is available to book, available for those at Polar Bear level and above. Sessions for Penguins Level are not available, trainees must be able to ski a minimum of easy blue terrain and use the ski area uplift un-assisted. Sessions are available for £22.50 per day and will run from 09:00-15:00, ski equipment and lift passes are not included. Click below to book!


Alford Dry-slope Programme

Our Alford Programme of Thursday night sessions is available to book. Split into two blocks over the course of the term in addition to pay as you go options.

Block A - TBC

Block B - TBC


Block sessions for a block of 5 will be £52.50 (come to 4 sessions and still be better off than paying for 5 PAYG)

You can also book PAYG sessions via the green button below. PAYG Sessions are £13.50pp

Please note we only recommend Thursday sessions to those who are at Polar Bear stage and aged 8 or over, we are unable to cater for those at Penguin stage during these sessions.



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