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Our Autumn 2020 programme includes a full block of 'Core Training' sessions each Saturday from 24th October until 19th December. This term our Saturday sessions are planned for Aberdeen Snowsports Centre, this is due to refurbishment works commencing at Alford. We will have Thursday nights at Alford running on a PAYG basis until refurbishment works commence.

Saturday 'Core' Training Sessions

Each Saturday from 24th October - 19th December 16:15-19:15 - Aberdeen Snowsports Centre
Incorporating Movement Preparation from 16:15-17:00 in conjunction with Movement Evolution Scotland and skiing 17:15-19:15 (with staggered starts and finishes)


Each Thursday from 12th of November - 17th December 19:15-21:15 - Alford Ski Centre
Junior Additional coaching for stages Polar Bears upwards and age 8+. These sessions are bookable a few weeks in advance, due to Alford refurbishment works due to commence shortly. If you are looking to book for further weeks, please register on to the waiting list and once we confirm the session can go ahead we will book you in off the waiting list.

Thank you for your patience. Given that safety is our top priority we feel that we cannot over communicate what is to follow. It is repeated throughout the booking process. Please read carefully. And please please please shout if you have any questions. Email  #WeAreAllInThisTogether!!


- As a club with wonderful volunteers, coaches and members our objective is to take all reasonable measures to prioritise the health and wellbeing of all involved in this session
- By signing up for this session you agree to follow the latest Scottish Government guidelines
- You should not attend the session if you or anyone in your household have experienced any COVID related symptoms in the 48 hours prior to the session– a full refund will be issued
- Please prepare by reading the following Sports Scotland guidance

Junior Coaching will be available for all Club Levels** - if you are unsure of your ability level, please do let us know before booking so we can ensure there is a group for you. This means…
Polar Bears
Snow Tigers
Snow Leopards
G*Snow Racers
Trail Blazers



**Additional Coaching on Thursdays, is just for Polar Bears upwards and those aged 8+


- Please note for younger participants coaches are permitted within the guidelines to come into close contact in very specific circumstances of very short duration; for example helping a younger child if they have fallen 
- Booking will close 48hrs prior to the session
- Where possible, please bring your own equipment
- If you require equipment please provide the following information: height - weight -shoe size -age - level
- Be prepared in advance bringing the following items in a bag/ rucksack clearly marked with the participants name: Face mask - Hand sanitiser - Snack and water

Arrival at Aberdeen
- Arrival time is between 16:00 and 16:15 to allow all participants to safely for Movement Sessions, followed by staggered start between 17:15 and 17:30 for skiing, this is to give time for members to make their way through the centre – a one-way system will be in effect from reception to the slope.
- Where possible please arrive changed and ready for fitness, parents must be around between 17:00-17:30 to allow trainees to change from fitness to skiing.
- A maximum of 10 people at a time are allowed in the changing area so please expect some waiting time outside respecting social distancing guidelines
- Please adhere to social distancing and hygiene measures whilst indoors at the facility – 2m, face masks, hand washing / sanitising etc.
- Please exit the changing facilities as quickly as possible and meet the coaches at the bottom of the slopes
- Please make it known to a coach that you have arrived, an electronic register will be taken for track and trace purposes

During the session at Aberdeen
- The duration of the session will be 3 hours, incorporating approximately 45 minutes for Movement and 1.5 hours for Skiing.
- There will be an opportunity for a quick refreshment between Movement & Skiing, this must be done at your vehicle.
- Social distancing will be encouraged during the session however participants are considered within a sporting ‘bubble’ and are therefore exempt from social distancing only whilst outside and only whilst the session is ongoing
- If a participant becomes unwell with COVID like symptoms during the session they will be isolated following all requisite guidelines e.g. child safeguarding etc. and parents informed
- Spectating is discouraged in the guidelines however we are well aware that some parents will wish to remain with their children, particularly younger children, in which case we would like to kindly request this is limited to 1 adult and government guidance is adhered to.

Departure from Aberdeen
- A gradual departure will be in place between 1905-1915 to allow all participants, coaches and volunteers to safely leave the session
- please take care to adhere to the same limits in the ski hire area when returning your kit
- Should a participant become unwell with COVID like symptoms following the session please follow NHS test and protect guidelines. Your details are recorded by our electronic register for Track and Trace purposes.

Thursday 'Additional' Training Sessions

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