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Please note that G*Snow is not a business and subsidises the snow coaching programme by a substantial amount to make it as accessible as possible, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to ski or snowboard. We do have a number of costs involved in running this programme, this includes paying for suitably and highly qualified professional coaches and their lift passes as well as hire of dry slope facilities.

What standard of skier/snowboarder do I have to be?

The minimum ability for children are strong confident snowplough turns and the ability to use uplift (POMA tows).


How long is a day’s coaching?

Our coaching day on-snow typically starts at 09:00 and finishes at 15:00, we expect to complete 6 hours of coaching each day with a 45-60 minute lunch break and dependent on weather conditions shorter 5-10 minute mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon breaks. If the conditions are excellent and trainees have energy remaining and it is safe to do so OR if the resort opens late due to snow conditions we would seek to remain on the hill until the lifts close at 16:00-16:15.

Is it just race training or freestyle training and is there a training plan?


We have a comprehensive training ethos and plan that includes, Racing, Freestyle, Freeride and All-of-the-Mountain skiing improvement & development. Please follow the link to the G*Snow Trainee Development Plan to find out more.


How do I book sessions?


Follow the links in the menu above the relevant section to book training. Session blocks are available to book first and given first priority, any remaining spaces will then be offered on a pay-as-you-go basis.


How do I book a single pay-as-you-go session?

To book a single pay-as-you-go session, you will do this directly through our booking system. These sessions will be subject to availability

When do sessions have to be booked by?

All sessions booked on a pay-as-you-go must be booked by certain times as follows.

Saturday training sessions - Bookings close at 7pm the Thursday before hand.

Sunday training sessions - Booking close at 7pm the Friday before hand.

Mid-Term Camp - Bookings close 36 hours before each day.

We require these times to ensure that we have sufficient and suitable coaches available to take coaching. Our programme is also managed entirely by volunteers in their own free time.


How will I know where training will be?

Locations are specified at the time of booking, however from time-to-time we may need to change the location due to weather or snow conditions, we aim to notify you by 7pm the evening before training if there are any changes. We ask that you keep an eye on your emails and mobile phones around this time.

Does the cost include lift-passes/lunch/rental equipment?

No, our prices do not include lift-passes, lunch or rental equipment. We are looking to negotiate a lunch deal with the snow resorts to provide for our groups, we will keep you informed with regards to this.

Do I need my own equipment?

If you are likely to be attending sessions regularly we would recommend purchasing your own equipment as renting each weekend can become expensive, you can however rent equipment at the snow resorts, however please note that equipment can be limited so you may need to arrive early or pre-book equipment in advance. All trainees will be expected to arrive for training at 09:00am fully equipped and with their lift passes. All trainees must be wearing suitable warm and waterproof clothing (snow jackets and salopettes recommended) waterproof & warm gloves or mittens and a ski helmet.

Will there be transport options?

At this moment in time we do not envisage offering transport to the snow resorts, however we will help facilitate car sharing with other club members if required.

What does my child(ren) need for the day (food, clothing, money?)

We would always recommend a few pounds spending money for lunch/drink/snack/hot chocolate. We are also looking to negotiate a lunch deal with the snow resorts for our trainees.

If the snow-gates/resort are/is shut do I get a refund?

If we know in advance and where possible we would try to organise suitable backup training elsewhere, this may be at Alford or it may be dryland fitness training in a sports hall, or using the conditions to our advantage such as learning about avalanche awareness or working on freestyle skills on the side of a snowy hill. On occasion snow-gates will be late to open so we will simply start coaching as soon as we arrive in the resort, where possible we may look to extend the session until the lifts close if the resort was late opening. If we simply cannot offer anything suitable that day, we will provide a refund. Refunds are processed as soon as possible but may not be until the end of the season.



What happens if me or my child(ren) is/are ill and unable to train that day? Do I get a refund?

If you or your child(ren) is/are ill, we would ask you to email us with full details of the reason, we ask where applicable for a doctor's note to support this, on satisfactory presentation of this we would provide a full refund for the missed session. This will be completed before the end of the season in April but may not be processed straight away - our programme is administered by volunteers.

What happens if I buy a block of sessions and don’t use them all do I get a refund?

If you purchase a block of sessions, there is an expectation that you will use these sessions. There will be no refund provided if you fail to use all your sessions. We have priced blocks accordingly so you are not penalised should you miss a couple of sessions and would ask for as much notice as possible should you not be able to attend a session.

In cases of valid illness or injury (doctors note required) we will naturally provide a refund on completion an email explaining full details and reasons. Any refunds will be processed before or at the end of the season.

Should you prefer a more flexible option we would recommend booking on a pay-as-you-go basis.



Can I carry sessions over to next season?

No sessions cannot be carried over to the next season.

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