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All training delivered by Grampian Snowsports Club is centered around the ALL OF THE   
MOUNTAIN principle.  That is to say we believe that to succeed in any snowsports discipline whether it be freestyle skiing or snowboard cross, alpine ski racing or freeride, or simply developing a life long love of snowsports, children should be exposed to and develop All of the Mountain skills, and we endeavor to apply this throughout our whole programme of activity.  We apply this holistic approach not only to our on slope training but our off slope training to.
To find out more about our training plan and ethos, visit the link below.
Skiers will work progress through our skier stages of development.  Each stage has it's own objectives, once a skier is competent and consistent at a stage they will progress to the next stage.  (Please note training groups are based on skier stages as well as physical and mental maturity of the skiers in addition to other factors). 

The ultimate aim for everyone, wherever they on the pathway is to develop a life-long-love for Snowsports.
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