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2021 On Snow coaching

Our local hills are starting to look very wintry indeed so we are really excited to announce G*Snow's Winter Sessions are now available to book on our booking system. As ever the Lecht will be our home on Saturdays through the winter.

Please note: We are keeping a close eye on any developing Covid rules and guidelines, and a final decision to go ahead as planned will be made week commencing 4th January.

Please head to for further details and to book.

Starting on the 9th of Jan we will be offering our amazing G*Snow all mountain experience across the FUNdamentals groups and the pathways; Race, Freestyle and Trailblazers. These can be booked in a few different ways; - Whole winter block of 10 sessions - First half or second half blocks of 5 sessions before and after mid term - blocks can also be booked pro rata during the season - or PayG for individual sessions

In addition we will also be running our G*Snow 5 day half term camp in February.

What about adults you say?? Adult coaching will be available on specific days - both improver and developing levels - check the booking system for the dates.

And the snowboarders?? The G*Snowboard Team is right now finalising details for this winter for specific Sundays at the Lecht. We hope to have full details out within the next few days so please look out for additional information coming through about this exciting new development.

COVID As ever we will continue to monitor the situation. Currently we feel we can still plan and deliver organised sports outdoors. If this changes we will evaluate and as always we will prioritise the safety, health and wellbeing of all involved.

Finally, advanced warning, it will be mandatory for parents to help at break times on the snow this year to provide food and shelter for the kids. This is to cope with covid restrictions at the ski centre. We will put out further info on this closer to the time.

For now I hope you are as excited as we are. It really is going to be a G*Snow Family effort this year!!

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