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Grampian Schools Summer SnowsportsFest

Welcome to The Grampian Schools - Summer SnowsportFest the first G*Snow event for Primary School kids. This event is designed for Individuals to take part in, but you'll be representing your School at the same time!

You can take part in Racing and/or Freestyle in the same event on the same night! We encourage you to sign up to both as you'll get the chance to ski or snowboard loads!

G*Snow Coaches will be on hand on the night to guide and assist you in either part of the event.

The G*Snow Cafe will be available for snacks and refreshments throughout the evening.

Timings (Apprrooximate)

Entry is from 16:15 at the G*Zebo

Warm Up 16:30-17:00

Event Pt. 1: 17:00-17:55 (Racing or Freestyle) Event Pt. 2: 18:05-19:00 (Racing or Freestyle)

Results & Prize Giving 19:00-19:30

The Event Format is as follows:

The Race Event will be a timed slalom run through a stubby race course. You will have the chance to race multiple times, the fastest two times combined will count towards your results.

The Freestyle Event will be a simple Rail Jam on our Grom Boxes, these are wide boxes which anyone new to freestyle can have a go at. Participants will have the chance to take part in as many runs as they wish within the allotted time period..

NB. For more advanced Freestylers, due to the nature of the slope, if you wish to ride on or off the boxes switch (backwards) you will require twin tip skis, Alford Ski Centre do not have twin tip ski's available to hire so you will need to bring your own. Entry costs £12.50 We will have Food and Drink available on the day, so bring along cash or card! To enter visit our booking page here

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