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Lecht2Lech Challenge.....the final push

G*Snow are almost to the Austrian border now - 109km left to go to marvellous Lech! We can hear the sound of the schnapps corks popping and the slapping of lederhosen.

What a fantastic effort so far. We are into the final weekend of the challenge with only a few kilometres to go. On the fundraising front we are so close too....we're at 85% of our target of £2090 with only £310 to go!

Let's get out this weekend, do good things, bag those miles, and encourage friends and family to chuck in a few quid (every little helps) at Check out our latest facebook post showing lovely photos of the awesome things we've been up to.

We can't thank you enough for your efforts and support so far in our quest to support grass roots snowsports here in the north east of Scotland.

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