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The Tosh Dash & Sneachda Jam 2023

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Welcome to The ToshDash and SneachdaJam - our on-snow family fun event. On Sunday 19th March 2023. In memory of the legendary James McIntosh we are delighted to create and set up this fun event to celebrate all things Snowsports and the Lecht! In the spirit of Scottish Snowsports and the Lecht, we will do our utmost to make the event happen, even if it means making some last minute changes on the day to make the magic go ahead.


Event Timings (subject to change on the day due to snow or weather conditions): 09:00-09:45 Registration 10:00-11:45 First half of Event - Some entries will begin Racing whilst others will begin with the Freestyle Jam 12:45-14:30 Second half of Event - Swap! Those who raced in the morning will take part in the Freestyle Jam and vice versa.

15:00 - Prize Giving

Membership & Pricing To take part in the event you need to be a registered member of a Snowsports Club. You can join G*Snow here we offer either 12 month memberships from £12 or you can take a temporary membership out for the event for £5. Entry for the event itself is £12.50. Should the event be cancelled a full refund will be provided. We encourage everyone to take part in both parts of the event, it's all about fun and giving-it-a-go. The ToshDash Race Format: We will offer the following categories based on age and male or female. The race will be a simple "Pro Slalom" style event which anyone who is able to ski or snowboard will be able to take part in. The event (subject to conditions) will take place on the Eagle Raceway. Ski Age u8 Bairns (YoB 2015 and younger) Age u10 Bairns (YoB 2013 & 2014 Age u12 Bairns (YoB 2011 & 2012) Age u14 Children (YoB 2009 & 2010) Age u16 Children (YoB 2007 & 2008) Age u40 Big Bairns (YoB 1983-2006) Age 40+ Forever Bairns (YoB 1982 and older)

The fastest overall Female and fastest overall Male will be awarded a James McIntosh Memorial Trophy each. Snowboard Due to significantly fewer Snowboard entries on average we will offer just two categories, one for male and one for female. We will try to offer as many runs as possible (minimum 2 but hopefully 3 runs or more) with your result based on the combined fastest two runs The SneachdaJam Format: This will be a casual Freestyle Jam using the entry level G*Snow park features (flat box, rainbow box and battleship box). Coaches will be on hand to help you with any tips and tricks. Spot prizes will be awarded based on effort, steeze, stylie and a willingness to give it a go! - it's not just about the sickest and best tricks on the hill, everyone is in with a chance of winning a prize!

Volunteers We are always on the look out for volunteers to make these events happen. If you would be willing to help out during the event, please do let us know. You don't need to have any previous Snowsports Event experience to help out nor will you be expected to take on any challenging tasks. Please follow all instructions throughout the event carefully and please do provide the volunteer event crew with patience and support. The Race is Unseeded and the Freestyle Jam is not competitive, so turn up, have fun and celebrate everything that's awesome about Scottish Snowsports.

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