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Ever since G*Snow was born in 2017 we always harboured the ambition to offer a snowboarding program, alongside skiing, and developing a snowboarding program is officially enshrined in our club’s recently published 5-year development plan. The committee are excited to announce that we are hoping to make some tentative steps in this direction with a some snowboard blocks on offer for this coming winter season! Snowboarding will add another feather to our cap, allowing our existing members to try out or improve their snowboarding, and encouraging new members who may only want to pursue snowboarding. Our programme will be fully embrace G*Snow’s All-Of-The-Mountain principle. 


G*Snow - Snowboard Coaching Programme

Our brand new Snowboard Dryslope programme will run on Saturday's from 17:15-19:15 from April-June 2022.

To book visit our booking page here

The minimum ability standard to join our sessions are controlled linked standard turns and the ability to use the uplift. Further information on our Snowboard pathway and progressions will be released shortly.



If you have any questions please contact

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